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Kid Powered Renewable Energy

Kid Powered Renewable Energy

Empower Playgrounds Inc., or EPI, has an inventive solution to a problem that affects too many children in rural and undeveloped areas. Not having access to electricity and reliable lighting that is necessary for daily tasks provides an enormous challenge that many of us can’t even begin to understand. Lack of electricity can certainly make daily life a struggle, but imagine children who often have to work, study and perform other tasks without any access to lighting after dark. Unsafe lights, like kerosene lamps, are considered a luxury item for many families, even though they pose a great health and… read more

Solar Light Bulbs and Lamps Provide Safe Lighting

Evans Wadongo

Kerosene lamps pose many health risks and other hazards, but are still used in many areas where there is no electricity. Solar lighting provides a safe and efficient alternative, and many companies are taking the initiative and making durable solar light bulbs and lanterns that allow lighting without kerosene. Discovery News has compiled great samples of solar powered lights and their designers that are making a real difference in the daily lives of those who have access to them by eliminating dependence on harmful kerosene based lighting. Waterproof solar lanterns from Greenlight Planet in India have helped to replace some… read more