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Update: Kenya’s Turkana Water Reserve


Last month, news broke of a giant water reserve discovered in Kenya’s Turkana region. While initially this holds optimistic prospects in theory, we have perhaps gotten so carried away in our enthusiasm as to risk overlooking some of the kinks presented with this discovery. Just as a quick refresher, the water reserve in question was the largest of the five unearthed this year in Turkana, which lies in the northwest of Kenya. The aquifer, since named the Lotikipi Basin, is indeed colossal, spanning approximately 62 by 41 miles. It also holds more than 900% of Kenya’s current water reserves. But… read more

A Discovery in Kenya Could Change the Country


In an investigation conducted by UNESCO in collaboration with the Kenyan government, scientists have found a water reserve in the arid expanses of north west Kenya. The aquifer, which consists of an underground layer of water-harboring minerals, was discovered 300 meters beneath the earth’s surface. The pool has since been named the Lotikipi Basin Aquifer. If managed properly, Lotikipi could nourish the country for the better part of 70 years. This is no little feat in a country that has limited water supply, with half the population unable to access any sanitary water at all. This discovery may transform the… read more