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Go Paperless with this Digital Receipts App

Proximiant App

Getting a receipt for your transactions is good practice, both for tracking your expenses and just in case there’s an error or you need to return something. But do you really need a paper copy of receipts? One issue with paper receipts is the toll on the environment, from the paper to the ink to the materials that make up the printer itself, and the other issue is that they aren’t very efficient to reference or search after the fact. Digital receipts, however, can be tagged, categorized, searched, or annotated very easily, and because they don’t use any physical resources… read more

Ditch The Charging Cords

Nexus 4 Charging Dock

A handful of tablet and phone manufacturers today have wireless charging ports that come either pre-packaged with their products, or are available as an accessory purchase. This new charging option, the first iteration being the Touchstone Charging Dock was first popularized with the Palm Pre phone, and also with the HP Touchpad. The Touchstone Dock was an innovative device that solved a multitude of problems, first and foremost being the unnecessary cluttering of charging cords around the house. Secondly, wireless chargers can be faster than the wired traditional. They also act as a dock to stand your phone/tablet up and… read more

Blackberry Mobile Revival

Blackberry revival

The other day, I went to the Alltel store in my town and purchased a new Blackberry Curve 3g. To many, this decision would seem downright ridiculous if there wasn’t a reason behind my madness. RIM’s devices have been around since 1998, and it’s unfortunate that they have not aged well. When iOS and Android debuted, Blackberry failed to adapt in several ways which ultimately cost them the market they’d owned before this new competition. I’ve never used a Blackberry prior to this purchase, though I’d always wanted one as a kid. Owning this prestigious device meant something back then,… read more

Where Smartphones Came From

Smartphones 2012

In the smartphone world, Android and iOS have a clear and concise lead in the industry over competitors such as RIM (Blackberry) and Windows. This means that consumers’ decision on which device to purchase usually comes down to these two platform options. Over the years, smartphones have evolved to become integral parts of everyday life–a trend that first began with the iPhone. In 2007, Steve Jobs took to the stage and unveiled the first device of its kind: a touchscreen phone with enhanced performance capabilities, called the iPhone. Previously, the smartphone industry had been monopolized by Blackberry and similar companies…. read more

Zipcar for scooters

Scoot Networks

A startup called Scoot Networks has launched a Zipcar-style sharing network for electric scooters. The company is a graduate of the Greenstart accelerator program which is focused on incubating startups in the intersection of green and IT. Scoot Networks is building a fleet of smart-phone-enabled, 30 MPH (50 km/h), electric, Vespa-style scooters offered in a convenient, bicycle sharing-type system. They will be available on-demand throughout major cities and priced competitively with taxis and public transit. Shared electric motor-scooters have the optimal combination of speed, cost, convenience, and sustainability for the BILLIONS of intra-urban trips that take place every day in… read more