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Boost Your iPhone or iPad Sound with an Eco-Amp

Boost Your iPhone or iPad Sound with an Eco-Amp

So many of us use our iPhones and iPads as our music and video players, but because they’re not designed to be very loud when not using earphones, it can be frustrating when trying to listen to music or watch videos with our friends. There are plenty of options for external speakers, most of which require a power cord or batteries, but if you’re looking for a low-tech green alternative, you might find that this “green amplifier” does the trick, without using any extra electricity. The eco-amp 2.0, which is a passive amplifier that fits onto the end of the… read more

iPad Must-Haves

iPad accessories

All the new mobile, electronic devices in our lives require personalization and a huge market for electronic accessories has arrived to meet our need to shop. The stylish eco-friendly buyer can now look to some of the following companies who are providing clever designs for your iPad. The Kork 2 is an iPad case by Aprodukt and is entirely made of recycled cork. This case is completely recycled.  The Kork 2 integrates the Apple smart cover for all around protection. Complete with tray mode, Kork 2 will give the natural look along with the sustainability for the environment. The Plaid… read more

Kudo Solar iPad Case Keeps Tablets Charged

KudoSol Solar iPad Case

Getting stuck with a low battery on a gadget while you’re out and about can be incredibly frustrating, but this solar charging iPad case can keep you powered up. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes we can forget to charge our devices fully before leaving the house, and on top of that, we might also walk out without our charging cord, so we’ve got no ability to recharge later, either. However, if your iPad case came with an integrated solar panel and backup battery, such as the KudoSol does, your tablet will be fully energized for hours and hours… read more

A Bookless Library?

ebook library

A bookless library; what will I read? The first public, bookless library is set to open this fall in San Antonio, Texas. The new book-free library, called “BiblioTech,” is intended to open in the fall an\[d is part of an entire bookless public library system planned for the entire county of Bexar (Texas). You do not have to take your own device. The library will actually lend out e-readers (of an unspecified brand) for two weeks at a time. It will be all computers and e-readers. Academic libraries have been experimenting with libraries with a lot fewer books for a… read more

Digital Homework

Homework online

College students are already using the technology of online homework with the use of iPads and laptops in normal and online classrooms.  What if every student stopped using paper and decided to go with a longer lasting digital device, would it be a greener planet? Theories suggest that with the replacement of iPads or like technology and paired with green energy resources they are definitely a better combination than the traditional paper and pencils. Although, the production of digital devices tends to out weigh in the green category, they do not out weigh when it comes to prolonged use. iPads… read more