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Design For All

Design For All

Being design school educated may not be in the cards for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your own space with style. The following apps and resources can assist in those times where an extra eye or creative flair can make all the difference. If you’re in the market for wallpaper or murals, or just want to get an idea of how a certain design will look in a space, Glamora Design Studio has a free app to help picture what a vision will actually look like on the wall. Available as an iPad download, users can take a picture of… read more

Tech Travels Back To The Fashionable Future

Tech Travels Back To The Fashionable Future

Ever evolving technology is hard to keep up with, and many say gadgets have lost some of the appeal and character of finely crafted devices. The following are 2 designs that bring back some oldschool charm to updated devices. From Instagram, the Projecteo is a kickback to the days of the oldschool projector. The micro-projector uses actual wheels of 35mm film and each Instagram slide can hold 9 photographs. Users can create their own film slides online and once placed in the Projecteo the images can be projected onto a surface for a personalized slideshow. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the… read more

Playing With Architecture

Playing With Architecture

We can’t all be pros in the fields of architecture and design. But we can play around with architecturally inspired worlds. Check out the following for some inspiration, fun and a good excuse to get your inner creativity on. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, AutoCAD 360 is a free app that lets users draw, draft, edit, share sketches and more. This is a great resource applicable in the field with additional subscription based capabilities, and there is also a web version. MagicPlan is a free iTunes download that provides a platform for drawing out floor plans. Users take pictures and are then provided… read more

Keeping your IT costs low

Home IT costs

Everybody appreciates efficient productivity, whether it’s in the workplace, the hobbies you’re building in your garage, or your home computer. And when we can achieve that level of potency while keeping costs and power usage low, everybody wins. Here are a few tips on keeping your home IT costs to a minimum: 1. Raspberry Pi Microcomputer This $35 device is a terrific all-around mini-computer, with an endless range of uses. One of it’s most valuable assets is its low-power consumption. You can turn your Raspberry Pi into a digital network storage device for all your computer files. The best part? It only… read more

Free eBook Apps for Readers

Free Apps And Material for Digital Readers

It’s easy to get lost in the swarm of free reading material available for digital readers and smartphones. Some apps and websites can make it easier to sift through the selections and find what you want to read, but not necessarily pay for. In addition to the more widely known choices here are a few more to check out to find eBooks. Goodreads has an app for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to connect with other readers and share reviews and information. The app has a barcode scanner so you can create a cataloged library of your books…. read more

Buy a tablet this Christmas


It’s the holiday season again, which means aggressive ad-campaigns from retailers, last-second decisions on gifts, and a month-and-a-half of stress. Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Buy a computer tablet. These days (and for the past couple of years, to be honest), tablets have seriously stepped up their game to directly compete with PC’s, and now more than ever is the time to buy. Apple just came out with their new line of iPads: the 5th generation full-size iPad (now called the iPad Air), and a new iPad Mini w/Retina display. Google has another Nexus 7, Samsung has… read more

iPads For Airlines: Reducing Fuel Use


Technology is a blessing. According to Moore’s Law, our capabilities will increase exponentially over the course of human evolution. We’re steadily replacing traditional methods and lifestyles with more modern ones, such as electric vehicles and e-readers. More recently, airlines have begun to experiment with the idea of replacing their massive flight manuals with iPads. Scoff all you want, but those thick, heavy books actually cost the airlines quite a bit of money in fuel costs, and weigh the plane down considerably more than a thin, lightweight iPad would. The general rule on airplanes is that electronics are bad, and non-electronics… read more

Kinetic Energy + Rocking Chairs = Smart Seating

Kinetic Energy From Rocking Chairs Equals Smart Seating

Kinetic energy may be difficult to harvest on a large scale basis, and can be unreliable. However, in places where there is a constant barrage of motion it can be useful. Take for example, swings or rocking chairs. The way that rockers are designed are ideal for harnessing energy produced from motion and utilizing it. A clever idea for creating power from movement surfaced in a swing design a few years back. Ryan Klinger designed a glider style seat called Empower that captures energy from the rocking motion. Coming out a 2nd place winner among designs at the Greener Gadgets… read more

Tablet vs Computer

A tech debate for the ages.

There are many great arguments supporting the purchase of a tablet to cover all your computing needs. Likewise, one could be convinced that owning a PC is the be-all-and-end-all of technological devices. Nonetheless, as a tech enthusiast and owner of multiple gadgets, I would like to go into further detail the importance of utilizing both. First off, we will analyze the Pros and Cons of these machines. Tablet Pros: Portable Lightweight Long battery life Touchscreen Apps Front & Rear camera Multitasking machine Fast HDMI (most new tablets) USB Hub Tablet Cons: Smaller screen Limited computing ability Easier to break (i.e…. read more

Tablet Computing

Tablet computing

The modern era of tablet dominance officially began when Apple Inc. introduced the iPad back in 2010. That initial launch paved the way for multiple tablet variations to hit the market, effectively presenting a challenger to the overshadowing PC industry. This year worldwide tablet sales are expected to reach 119 million so there are several reasons why you may want to consider joining the bandwagon. Some consumers and old-school hardliners still have a personal aversion to touchscreen devices. However, the reality stands that multitasking and productivity is much more efficiently accomplished through the use of touchscreen gadgets. This is true… read more