Smarter Power Designs

Smarter Power Designs

Gadgets and gear are all encompassing; smothering the retail market with each new upgrade, add-on or novel needed feature. These 2 designs are creative spins on their existing versions, but also promise to still be future relevant. A smart charging station is determined to take over the mass array of chargers. DODOcase and Stikwood created a docking station called the Charging Nest that is supposed to cover the present and the future with its all-encompassing charging features. It has an old fashioned look that gives it character, but it is a fully modern, adjustable charging dock. Made from reclaimed wood, it can charge devices… read more

Blackberry Mobile Revival

Blackberry revival

The other day, I went to the Alltel store in my town and purchased a new Blackberry Curve 3g. To many, this decision would seem downright ridiculous if there wasn’t a reason behind my madness. RIM’s devices have been around since 1998, and it’s unfortunate that they have not aged well. When iOS and Android debuted, Blackberry failed to adapt in several ways which ultimately cost them the market they’d owned before this new competition. I’ve never used a Blackberry prior to this purchase, though I’d always wanted one as a kid. Owning this prestigious device meant something back then,… read more