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Ever Heard Of A Slow Money Beetcoin?

Ever Heard Of A Slow Money Beetcoin?

The Slow Movement has encompassed nearly all aspects of conscious minded individuals, from slow food to slow fashion, people are rethinking how they choose to spend their money, and this has a significant impact that goes much deeper than the initial purchase. That reconsideration of consumption and consumerism has led to a refreshing new approach to the way money is viewed – and used. The Slow Money movement initiated in 2010 when the nonprofit organization was initiated by Woody Tasch while writing the now published book, Inquiries Into The Nature of Slow Money: Investing As If Food, Farms and Fertility… read more

Investing in Solar Panels

Crowdfunded solar panels

As the demand for green technology increases, so will the amount of companies offering ecological solutions, such as hybrid cars, water conservative shower taps, and more. However, the demand for solar panels has increased exponentially since 2012, and is predicted to continue blowing up the green market well past 2013. Kickstarter, the recently famous crowd-funding website, where consumers can help finance the development and production of just about any type of project, has also recently passed the $1 million dollars in funding milestone for solar panels. Several companies have been successful on the website, such as SolarCity, which helps homeowners… read more