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5 Climate Change Myths Investors Believe


Considering purchasing new stock in an environmental company? Do you have misgivings because of a climate “fact” you may have heard? Chances are you’ve fallen prey to at least one of these 5 myths before, though you wouldn’t be the first. Hopefully this list changes your mind, or helps you make it up. 5. Isn’t Putting Climate Change “On The Radar” Good Enough? Absolutely not. Imagine if President Lincoln had simply stated, “Slavery is bad” and everyone in Congress said, “Yeah”; do you think any action would have been taken to necessitate change? Climate shift should not be viewed lightly,… read more

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Invest Locally


The rise of corporate chain stores has had a profound effect on society. Rather than walking a couple blocks to a familiar shop, we drive miles to reach stand-alone super-centers inaccessible by foot. And instead of paying a fair price on items of lasting value, we invest in items of poor quality, impulsively giving ourselves over to supposed “sales” and “discounts”, which merely cost us in the long run. Despite the clutter of chain stores, there remains a future for independent business, and investing in small businesses in your town or city reaps many benefits for yourself and your community…. read more

Eco-Tech Startups To Watch Out For

Eco-Tech Startups

Green technology is a hot topic these days. A lot of new companies are joining the discussion either by reformatting their strategy, or by leaping headfirst into the fray with a bold new plan. It’s difficult to obtain funding for a startup these days, simply because the market is so saturated with them. If you’ve ever been in talks with a Venture Capitalist firm, you know it’s a tough sell. The companies below had their trial-by-fire, and came out of it on top, with eco-conscious products and ideas for us to enjoy. Laurus Energy: This company develops energy through coal… read more

Clean Business Strategies

Clean business

In the midst of the climate crisis, clean business strategies are vital. Even for a business unconcerned with the climate crisis, it would be in its best interest to invest in climate protection. Today, entrepreneurs and companies prosper from adopting more efficient practices, especially as environmental concerns worsen. Made clear throughout history, it is the nations that innovate to meet the needs of humans and the environment who have ruled the world, politically and otherwise. With environmental responsibility comes innovation, this has been proven time and again as some of the world’s leading companies strive to improve their efficiency and sustain their good reputations. In the early 2000’s, Dupont pledged to reduce its… read more