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Revolutionary Cardboard Box Design


The concept of shipping boxes hasn’t changed much over the last hundred years. We still poorly package items in over-wrapped cardboard boxes, and hope they aren’t harmed on route to their destination. Henry Wang and Chris Curro, engineering students at Cooper Union, have unveiled their idea for a next-gen cardboard box. Check it: The team still has a bunch of obstacles to overcome (as you can see on this Reddit thread), such as ensuring the boxes can’t accidentally open while sitting in a UPS truck, making sure that items inside don’t fall out of the box when it opens, etc…. read more

2013 Inventions: The Year So Far


We’re just over halfway through the year 2013, and it’s been a fantastic run so far for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Looking back, we’ve created a short list of our favorite products to come out this year. A Cardboard Bicycle For $30 dollars, this eco-friendly bike can be yours. It was a DIY project created by Izhar Gafni back in 2009. Gafni wanted to work on innovating his favorite past time: bicycling. He began experimenting with folding cardboard into stronger shapes and sizes, constructing and designing the various materials he’d need to create a workable cardboard bike, and testing his… read more