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This Guy Left The Internet For 12 Months


It may seem like a simply task in theory, that is, disconnecting yourself from all forms of the interweb. However, I doubt very many people could actually shut out the internet cold-turkey, especially having spent most of their adult lives as users. Paul Miller, a prominent tech blogger, unplugged the cords for 12 months in order to write a book about what life without the internet is like in a world where connectivity is everything. Miller recorded how it affected his personal health, creativity, social life, and more. The Verge caught up with him during the last few hours of… read more

Why Internet Efficiency is Up in the Clouds


Data entry centers account for 1-2 percent of the world’s electricity consumption. This may seem a scant amount, however, 86 percent of primary energy footprint systems are also attributed to data centers. Google’s cloud software is able to increase the efficiency of data centers by reducing the amount of total servers through consolidation. If all office workers in the U.S. were to switch to cloud platforms, the potential energy savings would be enough to power the city of Los Angeles for an entire year. This would be the equivalent to 23 billion kilowatt-hours annually, or 87 percent of IT energy… read more

The Industrial Internet: An Eco Future

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The Industrial Internet is a new term being thrown around that describes the correlation between corporate internet usage and the energy grid. Currently, we’re living in the “consumer internet”, according to General Electric’s CEO Jeff Immelt. Basically, it means the internet today has predominantly been designed to function for consumers. However, in the not-so-distant future (perhaps 10 years from now), this consumer internet age will pave the way for the industrial internet era, and “Big Data”. That means that companies will use the internet to cut down on waste and exorbitant spending in all areas of company functions, in order… read more

New Domain Extension Lets You Go .Green


Once upon a time, internet address extensions let users know when they were at a commercial site (.com), or an organization’s site (.org), but like most things on the web, those domain extensions were quickly subverted to just about any use (.gov and .edu seem to be the only ones with significance anymore). However, starting as early as next year, true sustainability advocates can opt to have a .green address to go with their green businesses, thanks to the efforts of DotGreen. Although the internet domain landrush is still building (with companies looking to buy their own brand name as… read more

Internet Energy Use

Internet energy use

Most of us can’t imagine a modern world without the internet. However, we probably don’t think a whole lot about the amount of energy needed to power it up. The internet uses mass amounts of energy. This infographic from WirelessSatelliteInternet.org. lays out the rising energy consumption of the more than 2.4 billion internet users worldwide. The graphic highlights the fact that internet use takes up 1.5% of all global electricity, or the equivalent of the amount produced from 30 nuclear power plants. Also stated, the U.S. takes more electrical energy to power up data centers than the entire automobile industry,… read more