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A House Made Of Earth

A House Made Of Earth

A team at the University of Oklahoma has obtained a grant to put an earthen home to a barrage of tests. The home would be composed of compressed earth blocks constructed from soil, clay, and cement mixtures. Earthen homes are said to be earthquake resistant, energy effective, and less costly than traditional homes. The team has acquired an EPA grant of $14,897 to erect a compressed earth block house and a traditional framed house to National Green Building Standards. They will analyze the energy, cost, and its overall impact on the environment. The materials are expected to be tested for… read more

A Greener Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom to be greener

If you are building, renovating or just looking to ‘green-ify’ your bathroom, there are many things, great and small, you can do to better serve the environment: Replace – nearly a third of the water consumed in homes is used to flush toilets. Renovating is a perfect time to install a water-saving toilet. Install – low-flow, or water-saving bathroom faucets, taps and shower heads produce an adequate flow but use 60 percent less water by combining the water with air pressure. Replace Water Heater – look for a high Energy Factor as this is the measure of the water heaters’… read more