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Inspired By The Rainbow, Intensified By Sound

Inspired By The Rainbow, Intensified By Sound

From the artist Kimsooja, To Breathe – A Mirror Woman, was an installation at the Crystal Palace in Madrid, Spain. Exhibited in 2006, the windows of the palace were completely covered in a translucent film that diffused light and created natural rainbow prisms. These were reflected from a mirror covered flooring that stretched throughout the space. In addition to the visual splendor, the artist also included background noise to provide a dimensional ambiance. The sound of her varied breathing patterns from her performance on a 2004 soundtrack called The Weaving Factory played through the expanse. The exhibit was designed by… read more

Rooftop Turbines

Rooftop wind turbines

Most wind turbines are placed offshore due to their sheer size and the possibility of dangerous incidents when and if they breakdown. Wind turbines are now being placed on top of buildings.  Rooftop wind turbines include a guard to save from incidents from the blades but questions are normally asked about the efficiency of the turbine and whether or not it is cost worthy. Typically, any device that can save money and energy from natural sources is a favorable incentive. The real issue with rooftop turbines is the cost to install and maintain them.  The regular cost of a rooftop turbine… read more