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The Courage And Influence Of Children

The Courage And Influence Of Children

Art therapy, or utilizing art and materials to express one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions through creative processes, can be especially beneficial for children and adolescents. Anyone can use art therapy to explore and manage emotional states, and it is helpful to children who may not yet be able to, or might not prefer to, communicate about issues that may be more readily expressed through various mediums. There is no right or wrong answer in art therapy, and it can be used in conjunction with or without other therapies to address a range of conditions, emotions and everyday concerns. One great example of how… read more

Connected Art

Connected Art

Making real down to earth connections in a digitally focused age can be complicated. While it’s easy to click a button, it is not so easy to always stand out and truly be meaningful. The following are a few artists who have captured a way to make a difference while having a universal impact in some unique ways. An unusual collection of portraits from artist JR has created a stir in its famous exhibition hall backdrop. Called Au Panthéon!, the Pantheon in Paris is canvased with numerous photographs which were provided by participants from all over the world. In addition to collecting uploaded submissions,… read more

You’ll Want To Check Out The Library Home

You’ll Want To Check Out The Library Home

Remember libraries? This home from Khosla Associates – Architecture + Interiors certainly does. It brings back a fondness for libraries to the front of the line with all the fervor of a book hungry individual, several decades ago before the endless supply of digital words were available with just the click of a button. Called the Library Home, this family house located in Bangalore, India was a client-centered project, meeting specific needs and requests. The residents reportedly wanted a blend of an old city feel along with modern touches. According to the architects, the family of readers had an expanding… read more

This little boy is a real surgeon


In the remote village of Nurpur, India, a 7 year old boy by the name of Akrit Pran Jaswal performed his first surgery. The patient? The daughter of an impoverished family. Akrit is a child prodigy, and is also the first 12 year old to be admitted into the medical department of Punjab University. This is his story: Akrit’s story should help bolster the argument that better access to medical assistance in poor countries should be a priority for world health organizations. This little village was lucky enough to have a prodigy born among them, but what about all the… read more

Is Air An Alternative?

Air Powered Vehicles

Rising fuel costs, pollution and inefficiency are just a few problems with conventional vehicles. Green transportation is becoming progressively more important as older ways of getting around are no longer the best option. Though not mainstream, air powered transport is a captivating way to travel. Tata, a car company in India has constructed a curious air powered vehicle called the AirPod in collaboration with technology developers, Motor Development International (MDI). Running completely on compressed air, it has acceleration capabilities of about 43 miles per hour. It has been designed as an affordable option for commuters in crowded cities and as… read more

Indian Railways Developing Solar-Powered Air Conditioning

Indian Railways to use Solar-Powered Air Conditioning

Solar power may eventually be used to power air conditioned coaches on railways in India, potentially cutting down on the use of fossil fuels to cool down the passengers. A new project from Integral Coach Factory and Indian Institute of Technology Madras will work to design a viable substitute for powering the air conditioning on passenger trains, some of which currently use an additional “power” car to provide energy for the AC systems. “We have asked IIT Madras to find ways to tap solar power and use it for interior lighting and air conditioning. An MoU was signed a month… read more

School’s Insecticide Contamination Proves Fatal


The Mid-Day Meal Scheme in India is the largest school-based feeding program in the world, serving 20 million children every day.  It was originally introduced in 1925 as a means to provide free meals to poor and disadvantaged children, with meals that provide a range of 450-700 energy calories and 12-20 grams of protein. Despite alleviating hunger (though malnutrition certainly remains a problem in India), the program suffers from poor hygiene, and has been caught in multiple scams. Recently, the program’s lack of sanitation resulted in the death of 23 students, who became ill after ingesting cooking oil contaminated with… read more

Giant Skyscraper With Innovative Design


India seems to be the leading country when it comes to large and over-the-top skyscraper designs, and they’ve recently struck gold yet again. Smith + Gill Architects revealed their plans for Imperial Tower; a 116 story skyscraper set to take the throne as Mumbai’s largest building. The news is big, but it’s the company’s description of the building that’s caused some head-scratching among those in the industry. “The building is designed to confuse the wind….If we think of this thing as an instrument, you’re cutting grooves into the body, you can basically define the characteristics of its behavior.” Essentially, the… read more

Where Girls Are Born And Trees Are Planted

Trees Planted for Girls Born

In the country of India, of all places, you probably wouldn’t imagine the locals consider changes in the environment seriously. After all, this country is known for its increasing overpopulation problem, and not so much for being forward-thinking saviors of the planet. Their cities are rife with pollution, they have little in the way of factory regulations, and many more problems than worrying about the future world they’re leaving behind for their children to inherit. And yet through all of this, one small village in the western state of Rajasthan has decided to buck tradition and give more to our… read more

A Light in the Dark


From time to time we read a lot of news about innovation in the lighting industry and new means of producing light which is green and energy efficient. Apart from electricity which powers incandescent and LED lights, solar is another option for generating power. Due to its cost and practical application this alternative source of energy is not widely used in many developing countries. Recent research at the University of California claims kerosene lamps which are used in most part of India and Africa are more hazardous to the environment and human health than we think. Designers Martin Riddiford and… read more