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Recycled Phones And The Rainforest Connection

Recycled Phones And The Rainforest Connection

A nonprofit called Rainforest Connection has proposed a unique use for recycled smartphones. Just funded on Kickstarter, their campaign seeks to use old phones and turn them into live listening devices for rainforest areas. They take the secondhand phones and turn them into devices that can be used to detect the unlawful poaching activity and logging that occurs in the rainforest. Illegal deforestation and poaching is an issue that contributes to many other problems. Unlawful logging is responsible for reducing rainforest habitats and further endangering some species. The damages extend beyond the rainforest also. As much as 10% of greenhouse… read more

Using Old Android Phones to Thwart Illegal Logging


The inherent power and capabilities of smartphones, even outdated ones, make them great candidates for repurposing to help with conservation efforts. Because of their ability to send and receive data, as well as use the onboard microphone and networking features, smartphones, powered by solar panels, are being deployed as a rainforest surveillance system to help slow deforestation due to illegal logging in Indonesia. The idea, from Rainforest Connection, is that the smartphones can be installed at various locations in the rainforest, complete with a small solar panel to provide the energy, and used to continuously monitor the noises nearby. When… read more