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Hyperloop Concept May Become Reality — Soon


Next June, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. might become a household name, that is, if Patricia Galloway can pull off one amazing development–namely, the creation of Elon Musk’s “Hyperloop”. If you’ve read the articles about it, you know just how awesome it has the potential to become, provided a great many developmental hurdles are solved. Still, Galloway, the head of HTT Inc., is optimistic and determined to see the project through. After all, she has a great track record of making things happen. The Hyperloop is a tube very much like the ET3 tubes we wrote about last year, albeit with… read more

Faster Than Light

Einstein drawing on blackboard.

Albert Einstein in 1905 suggested that travelling faster than the speed of light was impossible, both physically and mathematically. According to his Theory of Relativity, which encompasses several relativity hypothesis’, the speed of light is invariant, or the same for all observers. This means that nothing can exceed that set speed, with zero exceptions. However, a duo of Australian scientists believe that Einstein’s theory is open for translation, and allows for an extension that might prove the theory’s “insurmountable wall” as not so unattainable after all. They believe that the equation to validate faster than light travel’s feasibility actually lies… read more