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Is This the Future of Home Food Production?

Could this be the Future of Home Food Production?

If you’ve got the room, putting in a home garden can help decrease your food costs (and food miles) and put fresh food on your table. But without a greenhouse, that doesn’t work so well in the winter time, so unless you start an indoor garden, you’ll have a tough time growing fresh produce through the cold season. And for many people living in apartments, a home garden or a greenhouse simply isn’t an option, so an indoor garden is the only way to grow some of your own food, regardless of the season. Thanks to products such as the… read more

The Garden That Looks After Itself

Tower garden systems

We can all appreciate the idea behind gardening and growing your own food. You have the ability to be self-sustaining, bypass the additives and chemicals the supermarkets put in your food, and potentially save a lot of money. The catch is that you normally have to spend a lot of time monitoring your vegetables, protecting them from insects and the elements. This can be tricky if you’ve got a 9-5 job with a long commute, or you work overtime every chance you get. Thankfully, technology has come a long way in recent years, and you don’t even have to be… read more

Bitponics is Your Virtual Gardening Assistant

Bitponics is Your Virtual Gardening Assistant

If you want to grow some of your own food, but have no garden space outdoors, one option that’s getting more and more attention these days is hydroponic gardening, which is a perfect fit for small indoor spaces. Not that long ago, hydroponic gardening was considered by many people to be too technical or too complex to set up and run on their own, so it hasn’t seen wider adoption yet, except in certain circles. But growing in this way can yield much better results, and much faster growth, than planting in a pot filled with soil, so we’re starting… read more