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Renewable Energy to Surpass Fossil-Fuels


By 2016 renewable energy shall outsource natural gas, lagging only behind coal as the U.S.’s leading electricity source. Within this time frame, according to the International Energy Agency, power generation rates from wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy will more than double those of nuclear energy. In 2018, it is predicted, that renewable energy sector will increase another 40 percent worldwide and account for 25 percent of all electricity production. This is an increase of 20 percent from just two years previous. As it is, renewable energy sources are currently the fastest growing sector in power-generation; allowing for a diverse means… read more

Large-Scale Electricity Storage Could Come from Offshore Pumped Hydroelectric Plants


Efficient grid-scale storage and energy conversion solutions are key components to a smarter and more robust grid, especially with more renewable energy sources entering the market. Almost all (99%) large-scale electricity energy storage in the world uses pumped hydro technology, and a recent design for offshore energy storage from MIT takes that model and puts it at the bottom of the ocean. And now it looks like there’s another contender for energy storage solutions exploiting the pressure differential at the seabed, this time from Subhydro in Norway. “Imagine opening a hatch in a submarine under water. The water will flow… read more