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Solar Nanotechnology


Solar technology may have just gotten even more exciting. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have figured out how to utilize sunlight to convert it to energy more efficiently and with more control than a standard photovoltaic cell. Inventing a nanophotonic solar thermophotovoltaic instrument, they have uncovered a process which uses the sun to activate a temperature reactive material. The system uses both photovoltaic cells to generate energy as well as solar thermal energy, which is capable of storing power. Their device employs nanotubes made from absorbent carbon to caputure sunlight that is turned into thermal energy, and can then be… read more

How Smart Is Your Home?

Energy efficient home

Renewable energy methods are becoming more accessible for home use. These can be used to power up electrical needs, and although an upfront investment they can allow liberation from high electricity bills and save money over time. There are several smart energy options that can be installed and used alone or in combination with already existing electrical supplies. The summaries below provide a brief overview of how smart energy systems can reduce consumption. Solar power can be an economical and dependable choice. Panels can be added to increase power and placed with virtually no obstructions to surrounding landscapes. Wind power… read more

Plug It In

Plug It In

  Not many events celebrate a mass amount of people plugging in for an electric charge, unless that particular event is National Plug In Day. This annual day of active recognition began in 2011 and the goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). With main dates taking place this coming September 28th and 29th 2013, depending on the location, at least 75 cities in the U.S. and areas in Mexico and the Netherlands have currently signed up. The plug in gathering is celebrated with parties, parades, test drives and traveling caravans of full on EVs and… read more

Solar-Pedal Hybrid Transforms Urban Transport

ELF Solar/Pedal Hybrid

With rising fuel prices and increased concern about reducing emissions, greener vehicles are getting a lot of attention right now, but most of them are conventional autos with hybrid systems, or small fuel-efficient engines, all of which are expensive to own and operate. If you need an affordable and efficient urban vehicle that is also powered by renewable energy, a new type of hybrid is hitting the market soon – a solar/pedal hybrid, called the ELF. The ELF, from Organic Transport, is a unique three-wheeled urban commuter vehicle with an integrated 60 W solar panel system for recharging the internal… read more

Alternative Energy Travel

Electric and hybrid vehicles

It has been predicted that gas-powered vehicles will be replaced by electric and hybrid modes of conveyance within 50 years. This would be a tremendous benefit to our planet, as well as other areas of everyday life impacted by alternative energy transportation. The importance of these ecologically conducive vehicles in today’s automobile research/development cannot be overstated, and here’s why: Health Benefits- Regional pollution will be dramatically reduced when a growing section of the population switches to EV’s (Electric Vehicles) or hybrid automobiles. Carbon emissions can adversely affect personal health if a driver is in or near a vehicle with poor… read more

A Day in the Life of 2025

Living in the future

6.45 A.M. A beeping bedside alarm awakens you. Sunlight peeks in through the glass window, temporarily blinding your unadjusted eyes, but with a quick swipe of your hand, the glass becomes opaque, simultaneously turning on a dim bedroom light. In the kitchen, you hear the coffeemaker spring to life, perfectly synced with the alarm clock. 7:30 A.M. Your electric car hummed on 10 minutes ago, pre-programmed to cool the interior, check the weather, and update the GPS before your trip. Today, you’re heading into the city for an important meeting with a client. Your car alerts you that traffic is… read more

Hybrid vs Hydrogen

Hybrid vs Hydrogen

The problem with hybrid is simple, it still uses gasoline.  However, hydrogen cell vehicles do not use gasoline, they are fueled by hydrogen. So the question is why we are not using this technology at the pump. Actually the answer to that is they are. California is equipped with many stations that help fuel Honda’s FCX Clarity. It is a zero emissions hydrogen powered sedan. The hydrogen tank stores the hydrogen, the V Flow cell stack then generates the electricity in which the lithium-ion battery stores the electricity. Then the PDU (power drive unit) governs the electrical flow and the… read more