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BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sportscar Boasts 113 MPG

BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sportscar Boasts 113 MPG

Following the announcement of the BMW i3’s launch in 2014, the second in the company’s i series is a plug-in hybrid sportscar, boasting a dual drive system and a whopping 113 mpg fuel rating. The BMW i8, currently a prototype, but expected to be the second production car in the company’s alternative drive series, features a TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder gas engine powering the rear wheels, and the eDrive system, with a compact electric motor driving the front wheels. Both drive systems can be engaged for more aggressive cornering and handling, in essence becoming an all-wheel drive sportscar. “The BMW i8… read more

For Most States in US, Hybrids Better Choice than EV

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Which is better for the environment, an electric car or a hybrid? The answer to that is a lot more complex than it may seem, but the simple answer is that it depends on the state where you live. A new report from Climate Central, A Roadmap to Climate Friendly Cars, states that: “An electric car is only as good for the climate as the electricity used to power it. And in states that rely heavily on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas for their electricity there are many conventional and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that are better for… read more

Air-Powered Hybrid Car

Compressed air hybrid Peugeot

The concept of an air-powered hybrid car has long been a dream of ecological idealists, though, unfortunately, has never been a practical application in real life. However, GM partner Peugeot, famous for their Peugeot Citroen line of luxury cars, may have a game-changer on their hands with their concept of a compression hybrid vehicle. The car would effectively put out a combined 117 mpg, with its compressed air/combustion engine combination. For city-drivers, you may never have to fill up your car again, as the Peugeot’s compression engine is the primary power supply for speeds 0-43mph. Once you start driving faster than… read more