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The Many Forms of Wealth


Wealth takes many forms. But for the sake of argument, let’s think in terms of different types of capital. The traditional definition of capital is “accumulated wealth in the form of investments, factories, and equipment” (Hawken et al, 2000, p.4). From a Green Economic perspective, however, four types of capital are necessary for a healthy and prosperous economy. These are outlined by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L.Hunter Lovins in their book, Natural Capital: Creating the next industrial revolution (2000): Human capital: Beyond labour and intelligence, this includes the social capital of networks and organization, as well as the cultural… read more

Community Capital Helping to Achieve Sustainability

Community Capital

When we hear the word “capital”, it’s not uncommon for people’s thinking to default to money and economics. But capital – particularly human, social, or community capital – is so much more than dollars and cents and physical property. It is also key to achieving widespread social change for sustainability. Whilst it can be difficult to clarify, social (or community) capital is generally understood as the “capacity of individuals to secure benefits by virtue of their membership in social structures” (Portes, 1998, p.6). Founded in human activity, community capital is produced through social organization and the sense of cohesion this… read more