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Rough, Rusty and Recycled

Rusty-Modern Home in Sydney

“Tinshed” is not a rugged precarious home, it is a modern studio flat/office located in the trendy area of East Redfern, one of Sydney’s most interesting and dynamic suburbs. It was designed by architect Raffaello Rossellis who reused the corrugated iron boards from an old shed standing previously on-site to create a modern space with humble exteriors that reminds the area what was left behind. Tin sheds are a part of Australia’s building vernacular, which is why the architect decided to keep the old shed’s spirit and revamped it into a new home, a new building that is rough and honest. Filled with windows… read more

Low-energy Glowing Home

Low-energy Glowing Home

Using transparent or translucent materials in architecture is a clever way to get natural light and warmth inside a building, brightening up spaces and helping reducing energy bills. Taking this concept on board, studio AL1 created a brilliant translucent family home located right in the middle of the woodsy area of Weissenbach, in Vienna. This simple sparkling house is wrapped in a polycarbonate skin and when the sun shines on it, it glows in a whimsical manner. Called Gemini House, it was built using local and natural materials, while taking advantage of industrial building solutions and dedicated craftsmanship from professionals… read more

Skip The Hardwood; Install Bamboo


Thinking of remodeling the house this summer? Are you tired of looking at that carpet and those darned stains? Would you like both an affordable flooring option and the ability to save the environment? We’ve got just the fix for you! Bamboo flooring is a relatively new trend in the home industry, but it’s one we foresee will last quite a long time, and may even replace hardwood floors as the standard option in new homes. It’s cost-effective (comparable to hardwood pricing, and sometimes even cheaper), attractive, sturdy, and gives you no reason to pass up on the opportunity to… read more

Biodegradable Houses

Biodegradable Houses

Materials that are made by nature can be consumed by nature. Being as such, bio-degradation has been around since Earth’s beginnings. Yet, innovations continue to create ‘new’ biodegradable items. This is essential for items like packaging where materials are otherwise artificial and non-biodegradable. However, some people are taking it a step further, using the barest of materials to create biodegradable houses. In a way it is actually more like backtracking, only today’s biodegradable houses are built for modern lifestyles. They are often constructed using raw materials like bare tree limbs and even the Earth itself, achieving a minimalistic design. Though there are still those that incorporate a woodland feel, if not appearing altogether as a modern… read more

Green Building Tips

Green building tips

Whether you are constructing your dream home or renovating an existing one, it is wise to scope out your options. With so many factors to consider, researching can be extensive, so the following is aimed to stimulate your vision with tips to start you off. Size Matters In this case, less is more. Smaller houses are not only more efficient, they often cut a more interesting figure than larger houses. Plus, tall and slender buildings are better at utilizing space, and the additional nooks and crannies give a room its dimension, so you don’t feel like you are living in a shoebox. Perfect Placement When… read more