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This Houseplant Can Emit Its Own Light

This Houseplant Can Emit Its Own Light

No batteries required. This glowing houseplant gets its luminescence from science. Dr. Alex Krichevsky, a molecular biologist, created a new type of glowing greenery called autoluminescent plants. Uncovering the process that makes this possible, his application is being said to be the first that can create plants capable of generating their own light. Scientists have been looking into light applications for a while; however this plant system is able to produce its own light using a bioluminescent process that does not rely on another source. The plants get their glow by a genetic modification process that alters the structure of the plant… read more

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Houseplants have been around for many ages. Historically grown for consumption and medicinals, plants have also branched out into everyday adornments. As creatures of the indoors and out, considering what we place in our spaces as decoration is important. Houseplants are a great dual duty décor, providing functionality and aesthetics. This old staple is pretty, and pretty good for you, too. They have long been known for their use as natural air filters. Research has shown that common houseplants do help purify indoor air. A 2009 study of three common houseplants, the snake (Sansevieria trifasciata) and spider (Chlorophytum comosum) plants,… read more