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Giving It The Green Light

Greener lighting at home

These days when we go shopping for a new laptop or television we are looking for the thinnest and lightest product available. Researchers have come up with graphene based electrode technology which make affordable and energy efficient display technology that could be a good alternative to light bulbs. Interestingly it is so sleek that it could even be used as wallpaper or applied to ceilings. Almost all modern devices use organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for display which are energy efficient but also have some drawbacks. The slimness comes with a cost making it very expensive compared to CRT or LCD type displays. OLED… read more

How Much Do Your Appliances Cost You?

Energy Star

Many of us don’t realize that the cost of the appliances we buy doesn’t end after purchase. The power consumed by these appliances will be reflected directly on our electricity bills every month. So next time you buy an electrical appliance you need to consider its energy efficiency. Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of Energy, helps people around the globe to consider the environment and save money by ensuring they only purchase energy efficient products. According to Energy Star, an average home spends over US$2000 on energy usage per year… read more

Home Heating by a Robot

Warm Up Robot

Heating our homes in winter consumes vast amounts of energy and costs households a great deal. But imagine if there were a robot that could store heat and then moved around the house to warm cold areas? Drum roll please for…..Hagent, the mobile heater robot. This small robot shaped like a black box is amde up of movable wheels, sensors and Phase change materials (PCM). PCM  absorb heat from a hot body and change their phase (from solid to liquid or vice versa) and then release the heat by again changing their phase. Designed by Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendrith… read more

Energy Leaks at Home


It is widely said that the most expensive part of a building construction is its interior design and architecture. But there is one more important thing to check and that is “energy wastage”. In the US, it’s estimated that billions of dollars are wasted each year because of air seal leaks in doors, walls and windows. Nearly 40% of energy spent on cooling or heating a building is wasted because of this invisible problem. Any small improvements in each building can save the total power of the nation. Leaks in buildings are usually detected by a  “blower door test” which… read more

Onions, More Than Simply Flavoring Food


Onions are a versatile vegetable with a high nutritional value. Onions are thought to prevent cancer, diabetes, and even the common cold. But onions can also be used around the home in place of harsh chemicals and aerosols. Here are some uses you may not have thought of.. Make DIY Dye: Onions make brilliant all natural dyes. Simply place the skins of the onion in a nylon bag and boil for about 30 minutes. Soothe a sore throat: Onions make a fantastic tea that with the natural antioxidants helps fight infection. Using the peels bring the water to a boil, remove… read more

Blow Snow, Not Energy


The winter season is upon us here in The States, and that means it’s time to prepare for the dreaded task of snow-removal. Unfortunately, most of the motorized methods tend to spew carbon like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s usually better to just do it by hand. However, we’d like to present several alternatives that promise to save both the environment and your aching back. Snow Jo Eco-Friendly Electric 18-inch Snow Blower If you thought that electric-powered machinery means opting for a weak alternative, you couldn’t be more wrong. Powered by a 13.5 amp battery, this blower cuts 18 inches… read more

Tips For Saving Water At Home

Saving money

Saving water, electricity, and other means of energy consumption can be tricky, especially during the extreme seasons, such as winter and summer. The urge to overuse can oftentimes be overpowering, especially if you’ve got children in the house. We’ve come up with four different helpful tips and advice for you to save money and minimize your carbon footprint. Green Grass The University of Nebraska is currently developing a method of creating “green grass” that would require in between 40 and 75 percent less water than traditional grass. This means you’ll save money, have a nice looking yard, and perhaps won’t… read more

Affordable Solar Options

Affordable Solar Options

The sun’s rays have long been utilized for energy. Though they pay for themselves in the long run, the upfront costs of installing solar panels can be steep. If you want the optimal effects of solar energy but cannot afford to solarize your whole home or business, there are other options that will produce sustainable power without as steep of a price tag. Financing and tax incentives are usually available for renewable energy installations. Instead of splurging for an entire line, you can also purchase individual panels and add to your solar collection when you have the opportunity. If you… read more

Reusable Household Items

Reusable household items

Reusability is always popular among penny-pinchers, but it’s also a great way to turn your old things into new and exciting creations. Some of the things you have laying about might not seem that innovative, but with proper instruction and patience, even the smallest objects can become versatile examples of reusability. Here are a few ideas: Recycling Old Shirts Into Grocery Bags Sure, we can always pay $1.50 at the grocery story and purchase a recycled bag to carry on shopping trips, but then you’d be wasting perfectly good construction material. If you follow the steps in this Youtube DIY… read more

Social Media Saving Energy

Sharing bills on Facebook

Social media has changed the lifestyle of humans recently. The way people share and communicate has changed a lot since dark blue (I mean Facebook) and light blue (I mean Twitter) invaded our lives. Integration of life with these media outlets has become tighter than yesteryears and as a result a company has rightly taken a smart and productive initiative which makes use of this generation “sharing” technology. Opower, a U.S based company has created a platform where people can track their electricity use and share this information with their friends. This app can be logged in directly with a… read more