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Hello Neighbors

Hello Neighbors

This passive house design has both a solid, yet meet-and-greet style and lively green doors and windows that say welcome. The Leeuw House, designed by NU Architectuuratelier is an interesting construction, to say the least. Situated in scenic Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium, this home is not only unique looking it is also a model of energy efficiency. Its bold form does follow the volume of the adjacent structures, but its design was selected to best capture heat. Though it does boldly stand out among its countryside neighbors, the interesting exterior façade is completely refreshing. The darker finish helps to absorb warmth and strategic… read more

New Zealand Home With Modern Spaces And 3 Styles

New Zealand Home With Modern Spaces And 3 Styles

Deciding between apartment, house or studio living can be a dilemma. Mitchell & Stout Architects have found a way to incorporate them all – under one roof. This home in Auckland, New Zealand is a unique construction. It is an inclusive design that allows a variety of spaces and can accommodate various living set-ups for families, friends or even renters. It has 3 different buildings that consist of an apartment, main house and a spacious studio. The zones are set up to each be a private quarter and there are also warm, common areas in the home. The interior is an assortment of a somewhat… read more

Is It Recyclable?


Of course recycling is a must, but sometimes it can be a time consuming venture. Drawers become stockpiled with cells, chargers and empty ink cartridges because we aren’t sure what to do with them. Things that don’t go into the regular recycling bin usually are put aside with good intention, but often get forgotten about in the daily bustle. Properly recycling used up or no longer wanted gadgets may take a bit more effort than just tossing them into a bin, but once you figure out what to do with them it can make the next time around easier. Check… read more

Houses Built with Reclaimed Materials

storybook house

In a world of mass-marketed mayhem, it isn’t necessary to succumb to consumerism, even during residential construction. That attitude is exactly what fuels some designers who have a keen eye for practicality and a clear conceptualization of reuse. By taking original ideas of recycling and tunneling them to the advantage of others, real differences can be made in helping obtain basic needs, like housing. Ingrid Vaca Diez has found architectural genius in a plastic bottle. Or actually, in many bottles. Able to find large quantities of plastic bottles in Bolivia where she resides, the practical idea surfaced to use them… read more

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Konrad Wójcik, an architecture student with WK Design, created a model of a unique home for a project. The goal was to develop a fully sustainable structure with a minimal imprint during the building process, and to maintain this after completion. Receiving the honor of a special mention, the conceptual idea for the tree line structure is a futuristic and highly interesting model. Called Primeval Symbiosis, the Single Pole House, they are built with wood and modeled after a naturally genius design – trees. The abstract development’s goal is to remain in balance with its surroundings, and floating along the… read more

Reclaimed Wood Retreat


The Dezanove House is a gorgeous holiday villa located in Spain in the estuary of Arousa. Designed by Iñaki Leite, this sustainably built house is constructed from reclaimed wood that was obtained from a local fishing business. It is built for energy efficiency, containing optimal insulation and a sophisticated ventilation system. The building is composed of different wings, and the middle portion of the home protrudes into 2 separate units. In order to accentuate the zones the architect varied how the materials were used in each part. The left portion serves as the common area and is formed with simple concrete… read more

Infographic: Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui infographic

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your home design and home decor, often style and taste end up playing the biggest roles. However, the ancient Chinese practice of Feng shui dictates that home decor should not only be visually appealing but be carefully designed and placed so as to ensure positive energy. Feng shui is built on the belief that you can alter the energy of your home with your decor and design choices. In turn, these positive energies should translate into success and prosperity in other areas of your life. In this detailed infographic below,… read more

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


Walking past this Victorian terrace in inner-city Sydney, while beautiful none-the-less, it looks like many others in the suburb and surrounding areas. That is unless you have the good fortune to step inside. And once you do, you’ll be blown away by the modern and minimal sculptural design and the fluid flow of the floorplan. But the real wow factor comes in the form of the incredible light and airyness that is often unfamiliar in traditional terrace houses. Renowned Sydney architect firm, Chenchow Little, have created a minimalistic abode filled with glass, concrete and wood. Nicknamed the Skylight House, the… read more

Why Skinny Homes Are All The Rage

Shaft House

Narrow homes are quickly becoming both a fashion statement and an effector of environmental change. Ranging anywhere from 5 – 15 feet in width, these tiny houses are great conversation starters, and make real on their ecological stipulations. These miniature houses usually only sacrifice width, and have the normal length of an average-sized home. They oftentimes have two or three stories, and come with the full range of amenities you would expect from a normal home, just in a smaller package. This means that everything from heating bills to water usage is cut in half. With less piping needed to… read more

Interesting and Eco-Friendly Wall Designs

Interesting Wall Designs

Painting walls is a good technique to add color to rooms, but integrating wall designs in a space can add dimension and functionality. There are endless projects for wall decorations that can incorporate green design. One example of an increasingly popular wall display is a living wall. These feature arrangements of living plants and can be custom constructed to meet the needs of a space. Putting in a living wall can be as simple as securing a resalvaged pallet or shelving and adding potted plants. Designs like the ones available from a company called Benetti Stone add real live interest… read more