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Would You Spend Your Day Off Helping Others?

Would You Spend Your Day Off Helping Others?

Not many of us spend our days off from work thinking about the needs of complete strangers. Mark Bustos, however, doesn’t fall in this category. A hairstylist, Bustos works at Three Squares Studio in New York City. Most customers probably pay a nice price for an appointment but reportedly on Sundays, his day off, Bustos sees clients that aren’t necessarily his regulars. And they don’t pay the regular amount for a salon service. Traveling around the city he searches for those in need of a haircut. The homeless population are his targeted group for obtaining the service, and upon approaching… read more

Donate Your Flash Drives

Donating USBs for charity

Flash drives are one example of computing accessories that are often left lying around. USB flash drives can be recycled, although only certain components can be salvaged. If still in good working condition, consider donating them to causes where they will be put to good use. Still usable sticks can be sent to Recycle USB where they will benefit children. Received flash drives are loaded with the Sugar Learning Platform which transforms them into mobile computer operating systems. This is a brilliant idea that comes to life at Sugar Labs, a non-profit supplier that works with another non-profit organization, the Software… read more

A Better Place for Books

Library for homeless

We all know how to recycle. It has been implemented over the last few decades and I believe, fully embraced in the last few years. Nowadays, there’s a bin for almost every category of trash. Composts, paper, glass, plastics. You name it, it can be recycled. Even the simple teabag could be separated into three categories. Paper, aluminium and food scraps. All of this awareness and organisation is wonderful. The councils that implement these policies and the community that embrace them are to be lauded. Perhaps, however, an even more sustainable way to recycle products is available to us, and one… read more