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Fennel Facts and Flavor


Fennel is an attractive plant with a pale bulb and light feathery leaves. It is a member of the Umbellifereae family, which includes carrots, coriander, parsley, and dill. All three parts of the fennel plant – bulbs, leaves, and seeds – are edible. It provides fresh produce from fall through spring, a time when many other food plants have stopped producing. Fennel’s flavor contains hints of anise or licorice, and the texture of its bulb is similar to that of celery, though fennel is slightly sweet. Fennel is low in calories and high in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and manganese,… read more

Cleaning Made Eco-Simple

Cleaning Made Simple

Sometimes cleaning takes more than soap and water. But chemicals in common cleaning products remain a cause for concern as they may release harmful toxins. They can also be hazards to safety, especially in a house full of kids or animals. You may already have items that can clean and disinfect just as effectively as store bought cleaning agents. Here are crucial items that should be part of every cleaning kit. Baking soda, when mixed with water, makes a paste that effectively cleans sinks and other hard surfaces. Mixing it with warm water cleans silver and removes tarnish. Vinegar is… read more

Natural Treatments for Insect Bites and Stings

Natural Treatments for Insect Bites and Stings

Spending time outdoors can unfortunately come with the drawback of pests. Bites and stings are a nuisance, but there are natural treatments to help ease irritation and itchiness without using a fog of chemically laden products. For bites and stings that are bothersome, looking in the kitchen or pantry is likely to turn up some effective natural remedies. Though a normal reaction may be to swat at the area or incessantly scratch it, this can worsen the problem and cause more of an insect’s irritating poison to enter the system. Instead, calmly remove any stingers or remnants and clean the… read more

Healthy Herbs & Spices

by Robin

These aromatic flavorings can transform a dish but also pack quite a healthy punch. Next time you reach in the medicine cabinet you might want to think twice and open your spice cabinet. These healthy herbs can do the trick without all the nasty side effects. Here are ten of the healthiest herbs and spices. Star anise seed can help with menstrual cramps, upset stomachs, and coughing. The sweet licorice flavored seeds are a good addition to a tea or rice dish. Cilantro is a delicious addition to salsa and other fresh Mexican dishes. Cilantro is rich in vitamin K and… read more