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Veggie Stamp Art Fun


We want kids to eat their vegetables and fruits, but sometimes they may not finish all of their servings. Stamp projects using leftover produce and paint are a fun way to use up table scrap waste. You may not feel as good as if they would have actually eaten their veggies, but perhaps won’t feel as bad as if they were just thrown out. The parts of produce that are not used for cooking can make great stamps. The ends of celery stalks, onions or cabbages for instance, can be dipped in paints to make flowers or other fascinating shapes. Fresh… read more

Turning Junk Into Art

Junk into Art

If you’re the type of person who keeps old things around the house for no logical reason, and would like to put your junk items to good use, then this list of DIY projects is perfect for you. In fact, this list is great for anyone who likes hands-on projects and transforming trash into utilitarian art. The eco-living website, Our Every Day Earth, offers a few neat ideas for keeping junk out of the landfill or recycle bin. One of the first suggestions is turning a couple of CD cases into a garden cloche. This mini-greenhouse is perfect for seedlings… read more

Recycle Containers for Wrapping Gifts


If you’ve given or received a gift, especially with kids or during the holidays, then you’ve probably witnessed the massacre of what was a neatly wrapped token of affection, torn to shreds in anticipation to see the contents inside. Some of us are tidier about opening presents; still the wrapping paper is usually discarded along with the care put into the presentation. Creating reusable containers for gift giving can be fun and save a lot of time and resources. You can use almost any container. A Shoebox or hatbox would work. As would cookie tins, brown bags, and baskets. Even… read more

Herbal Teas At Home


In addition to harvesting your own tea varieties, you can add spices and herbs to create either classic or unique tea blends to suit your palette. If you are unable to grow your own tea, you can still use loose tea, which can be found at most grocery and specialty stores. Or you can leave out the tea leaves to create herbal teas instead. Here are a few blends that have proven the test of time and continue to be steeped and sipped by casual tea drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Chai Tea This blend is often used with black tea, but can be… read more

Never Tire Of Your Treads

Bolivian Abarcas

Some people wear their shoes to the max. Having teenagers I witness this atrocity about every six months. Now imagine all those tires that sit in landfill and how they could be used for shoes. Tires are built to last for some 50,000 miles and wouldn’t that be great for the soles of your shoes. One would have to wonder how long it would take a teenage boy to wear out a pair of sandals fitted with tire soles and straps. The Abarcas are made by entrepreneurial indigenous Aymara women in El Alto, which is the twin city of La… read more

Homemade Hairspray

Homemade Hairspray

Use of commercial hairspray is known to cause considerable damage to the environment. Hairspray contains volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs. These include chlorine, fluorine, and carbon, or CFC’s. Just a few sprays send these chemicals up to the ozone, where they will break apart thousands of ozone particles. This damage reduces our protection from UV rays and will eventually lead to global warming. That’s a pretty potent blow coming from 15km or so below. Hairspray’s immediate damage is found in its negative effects on your health. The formaldehyde found in many commercial hairsprays can lead to migraines, low blood… read more

Power Bars: Snacks Or Sweets?


Power bars, or granola and protein bars make claims of improving health and boosting energy. Most commercial protein bars contain genetically modified ingredients, including soy protein isolate, while granola bars are little healthier, if at all, than your typical candy bar. Most brands depict their products as super foods using nature as its source, when really they are just encasing healthy ingredient like whole oats and fruit in cane syrup. And don’t be fooled by ingredients like barley malt syrup, which despite having ‘barley’ in its name bears no more health benefits than one would find in table sugar. While this can be disconcerting, there are still a few power… read more

Natural Beauty Cleanse

Natural beauty cleanse

Do you know what’s in your beauty products?