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Reclaimed Wood Retreat


The Dezanove House is a gorgeous holiday villa located in Spain in the estuary of Arousa. Designed by Iñaki Leite, this sustainably built house is constructed from reclaimed wood that was obtained from a local fishing business. It is built for energy efficiency, containing optimal insulation and a sophisticated ventilation system. The building is composed of different wings, and the middle portion of the home protrudes into 2 separate units. In order to accentuate the zones the architect varied how the materials were used in each part. The left portion serves as the common area and is formed with simple concrete… read more

Holiday Leftovers Done Right

Holiday Leftovers Done Right

Food waste is an issue in the home kitchen, and after the holidays are over the leftovers can still be lingering. Thinking of creative ways to put a new spin on what’s left can be money saving and can also offer a new experience for the tastebuds. Cranberries are a seasonal favorite, but sometimes cranberry sauce gets left by the bowlful, as its rich and tart taste goes a long way. For a neat way to use fresh or cooked cranberries, a homemade liqueur updates a French cocktail classic called cranberry kir royale. After cranberries steep in the concoction of… read more

Holiday Décor On A Budget

Holiday Décor On A Budget

Holiday retail displays and commercials may have those in the spirit wanting to decorate, and it is tempting to give in to the desire to decorate for the occasion. However, during tight economic times it hardly seems reasonable to blow your budget on décor that will only be displayed a small fraction of the year. Simple projects and some do it yourself creativity can allow a holiday style around the house without breaking the monetary allowance for the entire season. Trim the tree with reused objects and everyday items from around the house. This ideal uses animal figurines and gives them… read more

Eco-Conscious Christmas

Eco-conscious Christmas

There are many ways we can make a difference for our environment, especially at festive holiday times when so much extra is being prepared. Consider adopting some of the practices below to reduce waste in landfills and keep your holiday costs to a minimum. Cards Consider switching to emailed holiday cards to reduce your landfill waste.  If you would like to send printed paper cards consider a card which is made from 100% recycled paper.  If you must give your card to the person physically, consider making the card with previously used or recyclable paper. Trees Fake trees are reusable and… read more

Exclusive Eco Retreats Most Can Only Dream About

Exclusive Eco Retreats Most Can Only Dream About

Taking some time off in new surroundings can be good for grabbing a little rest and acquiring a fresh outlook. The majority of us will probably never get to vacay in a luxury spot like one of the following, but their eco conscious designs will give your eyes a little holiday just looking at the photographs of them. Designed by Sarah Featherstone of Featherstone Associates, The Orchid House is a captivating, environmentally engineered home. It is located in the Cotswolds, England, and is reportedly one of the most costly green constructions ever on the market with a price tag in… read more

Want To Reduce Your Waste On Holiday?


Who doesn’t enjoy the hedonistic pleasures a hotel has to offer? Food on demand, white, clean robes. Self-indulgence to the highest degree. We check in, have a bath, order room service, watch a movie, and read the complimentary newspaper and magazines…..or not. The problem with hotels, is the grand scale of their waste. The enormous amount of electricity kept burning away in the hope we choose their facilities over the countless others. Some hotels bend to the pressure of an environmentally obsessed culture and leave signs that ask us to re-use our towels, but is this enough? Every time I stay… read more

Do It Yourself Independence Day Designs

Do It Yourself Independence Day Designs

Feeling a little red, white and blue? Themed decorations can be easily incorporated in a space, and a little visual motivation usually sparks ideas that don’t require a big time price tag. Sometimes adding specific elements to a room can be as easy as doing a home based treasure hunt to find objects you already have in the desired color palette. Or it can be as simple as upcycling finds in the recycling, or even breaking out the colored duct tape. Below are a few resourceful ideas and various designs for integrating a little Fourth of July flair. Simple projects… read more

Traveling Smart

Smart traveling

Whether you are lucky enough to book a global adventure or content to hike through a local terrain, responsible traveling is a model to take along. You might not think about your need to explore having much of an environmental effect, but when thinking in terms of the numbers of transnational travelers each year, it helps to watch your own steps. According to the World Tourism Organization, international travel was up 5% in 2012, which was around a 22 million person increase since the previous year. That’s a lot of worldwide trekking. And while there is no way to put… read more

Travel and Learn

The Learning Journey

Travel as education is a time-honoured tradition. In some cultures, it has even assumed the status of initiation into adulthood. Right now, it’s holiday season and that means – whether through a rite of passage or a holiday vacation – people all over the world are traveling near and far. Whether you’re beaching it on Queensland’s Gold Coast or off for a weekend in Lake Tahoe, Paris or Istanbul – whenever we travel, we participate in tourism, one of the world’s largest industries. We also have the opportunity to participate in learning and action that can help save the world! But… read more

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a wonderful winter treat. Recipes vary from one culture to the next, but all require mixing wine with spices, fruit, and sugar or honey and serving it hot. If you’d like to try your hand at making mulled wine, be sure to start with a good wine. Many people think it’s alright to use poor quality wine given that it will be cooked, but the finished product won’t be as good. Most mulled wine recipes call for red wine, but a few favor white or a blend of the two. Some also include brandy, though in Scandinavia,… read more