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The Future of Our Roads


In the future our roads will be smarter and more useful because they be made with solar panels. At least that is what the company Solar Roadways has planned for our highways. The company has a prototype which is far different from the solar panels which we use on rooftops. It is not only strong enough to support the load of vehicles but can also generate a billion Kilowatt hours of power which is more than any country can produce in a year. These panels are brilliantly engineered into three layers: a road surface which is transparent enough to allow the sun’s rays to… read more

Glowing Highways Save Netherlands Money & Energy


The Netherlands, famous for their alternative energy initiatives, announced their intent to update highway infrastructure in the country. Check it out: The glowing highways will save money on electrical wiring costs, lightbulb expenses, construction delays, etc. The highway updates are an ongoing project, expected to be completed some time in 2014 or 2015. Depending on the success of the update, other nations are likely to pick up on this strategy and begin implementations of their own. Already in the U.S., several cities have adopted smart sidewalks, while others have begun small rollouts of smart street lights.