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Flavor Your Water The Natural Way


Perhaps due to our over saturated palettes, some don’t drink enough water unless it is tinged with packets of flavored powder or sweetened. If this sounds familiar, you may want to read on and find ways to enjoy water without dressing it up beyond recognition. To start, you can add flavor to your water without comprimising its health benefits. Try diluting your water with lemon or lime juice. Not only are both low in calories, they have the added benefit of enriching your water with vitamin C and B, along with antioxidants. You also can add fresh citrus slices, like lemon and orange slices, to a pitcher of water. A handful of berries works… read more

Suits Me To A Tea

Types of teas

There are hundreds of varieties of teas which can be prepared as a refreshing beverage. However, some teas have medicinal properties and may be worth incorporating into your everyday diet. Parsley Tea Parsley tea displays healing properties for the liver and kidneys which are both important for detoxing all those nasties from the body. Great for eyes and wrinkles. Fights free radicals, high in iron also. Great for bladder infections and is said to combat cellulite. Green Tea Green tea has many health benefits. It is considered a miracle tea as it apparently reduces your risk of cancer. Packed full of anti-oxidants,… read more