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Effects of a Prepackaged Society

Effects of a Prepackaged Society

Children need regular, healthy foods to develop properly. However, when snack time comes around and good choices are not available they will normally choose the most easily accessed items, which can sometimes include prepackaged foods. Children can also adopt the “there’s nothing to eat” syndrome when looking for something to snack on and there aren’t easy to grab, kid centered options. The U.S. in particular has been scrutinized for offering foods to children that are mostly nutritionally deficient even in places where they need a health boost the most, like at school. School lunches in general have been under a… read more

Eating Well At School (in Los Angeles At Least)


For students, the promotion of optimal eating habits dictated in health class are often undermined in the school cafeteria. Here, plastic tray compartments are filled with formless food that serves as the object of disconcerting contemplation. Home life clearly plays an influential  role in the development of healthy eating habits, however, from an early age children spend a majority of their day in the school environment. It is here that their choices are defined, with most kids eating lunch and even breakfast at school. While this can be seen as an opportunity for schools to promote nutritious decisions, most lunch programs are… read more

The Appeal of Solar Ovens

Cooking With a Solar Oven

Utilizing the sun’s power for cooking has long been employed for basic survival needs. Solar cooked foods retain their nutrients without overcooking, and ovens can be portable and used all year long to make a variety of foods. Solar cookers can be small-scale or commercial sized to meet cooking needs. They can be purchased ready to go or kits are available. You can also build your own solar cooker with a few materials. Though numerous variations of solar cookers exist, there are three main types which allow the capture of heat energy that can be used for cooking. 1. Heat-trap boxes/box cookers… read more

Google Search Serves Up Food Nutrition Info in Results


For those seeking to change their eating habits, or help with sticking to a diet, or are cooking for someone with specific nutritional requirements, the world’s most loved search engine just made it a whole lot easier. Google Search has put the nutritional information for over 1000 common foods right into its search results page, so all you need to do is “Google” the food you want information for, and the nutrition info comes up next to the usual search results. That’s one less click and much less time spent searching the results page for what you want, which could… read more

Power Bars: Snacks Or Sweets?


Power bars, or granola and protein bars make claims of improving health and boosting energy. Most commercial protein bars contain genetically modified ingredients, including soy protein isolate, while granola bars are little healthier, if at all, than your typical candy bar. Most brands depict their products as super foods using nature as its source, when really they are just encasing healthy ingredient like whole oats and fruit in cane syrup. And don’t be fooled by ingredients like barley malt syrup, which despite having ‘barley’ in its name bears no more health benefits than one would find in table sugar. While this can be disconcerting, there are still a few power… read more

Food Appreciation for Kids

Teaching children about food

We have come a long way from the notion of knowing where our food comes from. In America especially, there seems to be a drive-through for nearly everything. You don’t even have to leave your vehicle to have a full meal. Things like fast food restaurant signs are everywhere, and so begins the connection that this is an option where food can be obtained. Concurrently, when you have budding readers, every opportunity to read is important. Things like environmental print, or printed words that are in everyday surroundings, provide reading material when children are out and about. One study showed that… read more

Properties of Peanuts

Benefits of peanuts

Whether shelled, salted or ground up in its beloved peanut butter form, peanuts are a food product that is consumed worldwide. It is thought that they were originally grown in South America and made their way across the globe by distribution from trading travelers. Peanuts contain many nutrients and have quite a few health benefits, including bioactive properties. They provide a good source of heart helpful flavonoids and phenolic acids, which are protective antioxidants. Especially high levels of these can be found in their skins. Peanuts are high in fiber and protein, and are loaded with useful types of carbohydrates… read more