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Shrimp Is The New Plastic


A solution to the world’s plastic overload may have been found in a shrimp. Or actually, in the shrimp’s composition. A research team from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University are on to something huge. They have developed an interesting procedure for making bioplastic that is completely biodegradable and could someday replace commercial plastics that are not sustainable. The process uses a substance called chitin, which is an abundant natural source that can be collected from certain shelled organisms. Examples of the organic material can be seen in the protective coverings on shrimp and other crustaceous… read more

Architecture That Rises To The Occasion

Architecture That Rises To The Occasion

Addressing rising sea levels and how they effect coastal communities is a current concern in the field of architecture. As the environment changes, engineers and architects must also facilitate inventive ways to respond to structural needs. There is an increased interest in specific construction strategies, such as responsive designs. Some innovative building ideas come from a student project from Harvard University Graduate School of Design students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The goal was to design a concept for a city that may exist in the future that would respond to increasing threats to coastal communities at risk of rising sea levels. The… read more