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Learn More About The World With Journey North

Learn More About The World With Journey North

Wading through educational websites to find the quality ones can be time consuming. Journey North is a terrific, nature and earth focused resource for teachers, homeschool families and children. From The Annenberg Foundation, it offers a global-wide study of the seasons and wildlife migration for students, grades kindergarten through high school, and is also open to the interested public. The goal is to gather and encourage proactive learning within the community of online citizen scientists. Learners can share actual field experience and observations with other students in different parts of the world. The network of classrooms all work together to track… read more

The Roadless Rule

National Park, Arizona

In 2001, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule was adopted by the U.S. Forest Service, protecting approximately 58.5 million acres of the nation’s remaining wild-lands. Under this rule, protected areas are safe from logging, mining, and other practices that damage the integrity of conservation land. Though there are access roads interspersed throughout these areas, allowing for multiple recreational activities, the rule keeps areas safe from the construction of splinter roads and highways, which can lead to erosion, pollution, and the loss of native species. Still, visitors are able to go hiking, sightseeing, fishing, and more amidst the unrivaled backdrop of unspoilt… read more