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DIY Terrariums

DIY Terrariums

Terrariums are a fun way to bring some of the green indoors all year round, especially appreciated when the weather is cold and drab. When purchased from a plant nursery or storefront, terrariums may lean on the pricey side. With a few materials to get started, one can be made DIY style for a budget friendly version. Though they require some know-how regarding supplies and growing conditions, they do not demand extensive upkeep. Ferns, miniature palms, succulents and moss work well in terrariums. Plants will need a lot of indirect sunlight and attention to the moisture level is important. Terrariums… read more

The Green House Project


The Green House Project is a unique endeavor, and the first of its kind. It is also not what you might think. The Project is an American non-profit organization that creates alternative living environments for elderly people in replacement of nursing homes. Founded in 2003 by physician William H. Thomas, it first began as a living home for Alzheimer’s patients. Thomas realized that nursing homes were aging faster than their patients, and so he created a solution in the way of personalized, economic and ecological-focused healthcare. Take a look at this quick video documentary of the past ten years of… read more

Whole Foods to Build Rooftop Greenhouse on New Brooklyn Store


Whole Foods’ new store in Gowanus, Brooklyn will have the capability for year-round production of vegetables and produce due to the integration of a rooftop greenhouse, which will be the first commercial-scale installation in the U.S.. With the growing interest and demand for local food, installing a greenhouse as a part of a retail grocery operation is starting to look like the next big thing, and Whole Foods Market is taking the plunge, in a big way. The grocery giant is partnering with Gotham Greens to operate a 20,000 square foot greenhouse currently being built on the rooftop of their… read more

Five Green DIY Projects

DIY greenhouse

Everyone enjoys a little hands-on work every now and then, especially when it’s money-saving, eco-conducive, and just plain fun. Whether you’re a DIY expert, or a city-slicker looking to save a few bucks on energy costs, these five project ideas are perfect for you. Build A Sun Dial: It’s time to take a trip to several hundred years in the past, before the invention of gear-driven clocks and watches. The people of that era used sundials to tell the time, though they’re limited to daytime hours only. This tutorial by eHow will help you setup and design your personalized sundial,… read more

Growing a Winter Garden

Growing vegetables in winter

Growing your own food is not just for warmer, sunnier months. Produce can be grown during cooler periods with a few materials and sun power. Considering produce found on the shelves throughout colder seasons can sometimes be lackluster and overpriced, a winter garden may be worth cultivating. Though a bit of invention is needed to sustain a garden in cold climates, it can be done. Having one was routine in past eras out of necessity, where some sort of planting had to be going on at all times in order to make sure there would be enough food to eat…. read more