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Clean Energy Future?

Are we slowing carbon emissions?

Studies presented late last year highlighted that the United States has been leading the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The notion that the country, and maybe even the world, was well and truly on the path toward a cleaner, efficient energy future, prompted rejoicing in some quarters. Regardless of whether the data presented in these studies is accurate, it is somewhat misleading in a variety of ways. First, even though CO2 emissions from the United States may be lower now than in the past, it is still high. The emission levels were high a few years ago, which is the comparison benchmark, and it… read more

Fracking Follies

Hydraulic fracturing

As it turns out, the short-term solution to combat rising costs and foreign dependence on energy, along with attempting to limit environmental damage, hydraulic fracturing, i.e. fracking, may be doing the opposite: costing the United States more, and driving up carbon dioxide emissions. It has been debated whether fracking leads to earthquakes, pollution, and disease, among other things, but the scale of the damage may be much larger. While no judgment on fracking based on merit should be made, given the small sample pool of functioning fracking sites, a trend does appear to be emerging suggesting fracking isn’t what was… read more

Food Waste to Good Use

Feeding the homeless our food waste

We live such a disposable lifestyle and it can be easily forgotten that there are many people who struggle in life. Many disadvantaged people do not know where their next meal is coming from and it is due to some wonderful companies throughout the world that these sufferers can find relief. OzHarvest, is just one charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded. They gather food from restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, caterers, function centres, hotels, delis and food wholesalers and distribute it to charities and those in need. It is a marvellous concept that serves many purposes. Most importantly,… read more