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Green Roofs of Norway

Green roofs of Norway

Time and again we see pictures surfacing on the web of these adorable green roof topped house with a mesmerizing scenery that are located in Norway. It is probably true that many people just assume it is some type of green technology, pin it, and move on with their day.  This is actually not a modern invention.  Norwegians have been planting greenery atop their roofs for hundreds of years.  During the time of Vikings or the Middle Ages, majority of the houses had sod roofs.  This allowed for more warmth in the home rather than some of the modern materials… read more

Telling Green from Dirty

The language of 'green'

How can consumers recognize fact from fiction amongst the plethora of environmental claims that soak the market? Adapted from The Greenwash Guide produced by Futerra Sustainability Communications, here are the top ten signs to watch out for when considering the purchase of “green” products or services: Puffery: If the language is vague, chances are the environmental benefits are light on the ground as well. “Eco-friendly”…what on earth does that mean? Silly symbolism: Using suggestive pictures is all well and good, but cute and irrelevant images don’t cut it.  Cartoon flowers floating skyward from a car’s exhaust? C’mon, give us a… read more

Can We Really Do It?

Reducing our carbon footprint

Thanks to increasing efforts worldwide, people are gradually, and in small ways, reducing their carbon footprints. It’s a large movement, based on individuals choosing to change their habits, and raise their voices against global climate change. But what happens when we are browsing the e-edition of the newspaper (to save paper), and we find out that the ice caps are still melting, will continue melting, and will be completely melted in a certain amount of time. Sometimes it can be hard to face the predictions of coming disasters. Animal extinction, factory farming, overfishing, over mining, fossil fuels. All these issues… read more