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Movies Come To Life


In the world of tech startups, many unique device and gadget developers vie for public notoriety and capital to expound upon their original idea. Utilising websites such as Kickstarter or IndiGoGo, companies and individuals alike put their projects on display as they campaign to reach a monetary goal. However, not all inventors build atop a previous technology made popular by film and pop culture icons. Lex Kendall from Evolve Electric Motorcycles, and a personal fan of the Tron: Legacy movie, saw a market potential for one of the film’s futuristic vehicles. Working in collaboration with Parker Brothers Custom Choppers, he… read more

Is Air An Alternative?

Air Powered Vehicles

Rising fuel costs, pollution and inefficiency are just a few problems with conventional vehicles. Green transportation is becoming progressively more important as older ways of getting around are no longer the best option. Though not mainstream, air powered transport is a captivating way to travel. Tata, a car company in India has constructed a curious air powered vehicle called the AirPod in collaboration with technology developers, Motor Development International (MDI). Running completely on compressed air, it has acceleration capabilities of about 43 miles per hour. It has been designed as an affordable option for commuters in crowded cities and as… read more

Two-Wheel Drive Folding Electric Bike

Two-Wheel Drive Folding Electric Bike

The electric bicycle market is booming, as more and more people are beginning to recognize how convenient (and cheap to run) they are, especially in urban areas. There are all sorts of different types of configurations, from electric add-ons for conventional bikes to fully electric versions, but this electric bike prototype goes it one further, by folding up for ease of storage. This e-bike concept from Nikos Manafis has a frame made from folded sheet metal, and includes not one, but two in-wheel electric motors (250W each) that can either be driven separately or together (for either a longer range… read more