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Eco Friendly Robot Toy For Christmas


Still doing some last-minute shopping? Amazon has you covered up until Christmas day if you’re looking for that one unique toy to purchase for your child. Whether it’s last-day or late-day Christmas shopping, look no further than this tin can robot: You can buy the toy using this link. Essentially, it’s a small robot from 4M that teaches re-usability, conservation, responsibility, electronics, mechanics, and more. This is a perfect parent-child project to enjoy through the holidays, and a neat showoff gift your child can bring to school with them on show-and-tell day. If you need help with assembly, here’s a… read more

Toys Made From Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs

Toys Made From Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs

Not a fan of plastic toys? If you have children around, you may find that plastic playthings are a little hard to completely steer clear of. However, there are plastic options for toys that don’t make as much of an environmental dent. Toys that are made from milk jugs are becoming a popular alternative to newly produced ones. Many companies are offering items that are constructed from 100% recycled plastic milk containers as a more eco friendly option to traditional substances used for toy making. The plastic used to produce milk containers is called high-density polyethylene (or HDPE) and is… read more