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Why The Invention Of Warp Drives Is So Important


A presentation by NASA’s Dr. Harold White, head of the Advanced Propulsion Lab in November updated us on the possibility of reaching warp speeds in our lifetime. You can view the presentation below: So why is this so important, and how does it relate to ecological science? Not including the wild advancements this would bring for space discovery, warp drive has a very real affect on fuel and fuel conservation. Currently, it takes roughly 2 million litres of fuel to launch a shuttle into space. Even SpaceX and their Falcon 9 rocket use close to that amount in fuel, though… read more

A Step Forward in Space


It was a cloud nine moment for all scientists and people around the globe when NASA’s curiosity rover landed safely in planet Mars. This is a milestone in space exploration after decades old Armstrong’s visit to the moon. This news topped all the media headlines and had a viral spread through the internet. At the same time a “green” spacecraft which is one of its kind, failed during its test launch at Kennedy Space centre. Morpheus, the spacecraft which was being tested with “green” fuel was unsuccessful due to some hardware problem. The propellant (spacecraft fuel) used in Morpheus was… read more