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How Green Are They Really?


Greenwashing is a means by which companies make their products or services seem more eco-friendly and sustainable than they actually are. TerraChoice (2010) has identified seven common types of greenwashing: Hidden trade-off: Focusing on one eco-friendly aspect of a product while neglecting all the other negative impacts associated with its production Lack of proof: Making claims of environmental friendliness that are impossible to substantiate (for example, percentage of recycled content in a tissue paper product) Vagueness: Using misleading claims such as “all-natural,” which don’t necessarily mean that products are eco-friendly or even healthy (arsenic is all-natural) Irrelevance: Making true assertions… read more

5 Simple DIY Eco Projects

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Everybody loves a good bit of hands-on work every now and then. Why not put your weekend freedom to good use, and tackle a few of these simple and enjoyable eco projects? DIY Decoupaged Storage Jars Need a place to put your things? Storage jars are a great organizational tool. DIY Makeup/Art Supplies Organizer Tired of losing your favorite eyeliner or paint brush? Check out this simple organizer. DIY Eco-Friendly Glue Looking for a non-toxic glue you can make from your kitchen? Look no further! DIY Solar Panel Cells Searching the internet for a direct, to-the-point guide on creating your… read more