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Shrink Your Footprint

Shrink Your Footprint

There is endless discussion in the media about the need to change our  existing habits in the developed world in order to lower carbon emissions and save the planet. Many of us feel powerless to effect real change, but there are small ways we can all make a difference. Work at home With modern networking devices and technologies such as VPN more of us are working from home, if not fulltime, then certainly as a partime  option during our working week. This not only saves time and energy in transportation, but also often allows families to achieve more quality time together. e-reading… read more

Tips for a Greener Office

Greening Your Office

To begin, no green renovations, big or small, will make an environmental dent if the company who employs them manufactures unsustainable products or services. However, any personal change among employees, let alone the habits of an entire office are certainly worth the effort. Though it would help if the office wasn’t situated in the headquarters of an oil company. That said, there are numerous, often simply over-looked, altercations that will improve the productivity and efficiency of an office. On a personal level you can begin by using refillable pens. Over 5 billion pens are bought and tossed out by Americans… read more

The Office Of The Future

Office Of The Future

The modern office of today doesn’t look very different from the office of the mid-90’s, which says a lot about how some businesses view technology and innovation. This also applies to many companies’ views on working efficiently, since one can assume that outdated equipment is detrimental to worker’s success, and should be replaced immediately. That being said, there are many technology standards in use today that will soon be rendered ancient tomorrow. For instance: desk phones. This tired old model of secretarial and cubical communication has passed beyond its peak of usefulness and must take its leave from the office…. read more