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Why Skinny Homes Are All The Rage

Shaft House

Narrow homes are quickly becoming both a fashion statement and an effector of environmental change. Ranging anywhere from 5 – 15 feet in width, these tiny houses are great conversation starters, and make real on their ecological stipulations. These miniature houses usually only sacrifice width, and have the normal length of an average-sized home. They oftentimes have two or three stories, and come with the full range of amenities you would expect from a normal home, just in a smaller package. This means that everything from heating bills to water usage is cut in half. With less piping needed to… read more

Facts On Green Living

Globe In Hand

We sometimes hear the terms “Going Green” without fully understanding the benefits of such a lifestyle. There’s the obvious planet and money-saving advantages, but we sometimes don’t think about the specifics. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the top facts of taking on a greener lifestyle and minimizing our carbon footprint. The Pros Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 78 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water, and 41,000 kilowatt hours of energy 113,204 aluminum cans are recycled every minute Composts can capture and destroy 99.6% of industrial chemicals in contaminated air… read more

Green Efforts: Berlin


In part three of Green Efforts, we take a brief tour of Berlin. A city who, like the previous two destinations, has seen its fair share of hardships, if not more. But the once divided city is now a leading innovator for technology and design, especially in architectural design and transport. As a world class city, Berlin has a smorgasbord of  amenities to offer and its leading efforts in efficient living are no exception. That said, we will highlight some of Berlin’s greatest green assets, both intentional and accidental. Bike Friendly Bike riding is a common practice is Berlin and… read more

Green Efforts: Helsinki


Finland is a densely wooded land nourished by numerous lakes, with a sparse population that is short of five and half million. Nestled in the southeastern tip of Finland you’ll find Helsinki, the country’s capital and largest city. It is a city once shaped by Russian and Swedish influence, but has a distinctive culture imbued with the Finnish spirit and retains a high quality of life. As a part of Green Efforts, we will delve into some of the practices, both old and advanced, that reveal the city’s environmental awareness. Green Agenda Helsinki’s strength lies in the city’s sheer determination… read more

Green Efforts: St. Louis


In the previous “Green Efforts: Intro” article, we let off at Greensburg, Kansas. We now pick up a couple ball tosses over to St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is a city varied by culture and historical influence. Its lush fabric contains rich architectual heritage merged with a progressive downtown that illustrates the skyline. The city is punctuated by the Gateway Arch, which can be seen as an exclamation of the city’s revival. Despite its size, St. Louis has a low cost of living and in addition offers many free activities and attractions that can educate visitors just as well as they can entertain them. These are… read more

Green Efforts: Intro

Green cities and communities

In the next few articles, I will attempt to address the efforts being made by various cities, towns, and maybe even villages, in the quest to ‘go green’. With these articles I hope to show what is currently being done worldwide to create a positive impact on the environment as well as discuss areas that need improvement in the green spectrum. Not all of these cities would make the top ten “Green Cities List”, nor can all of their Eco-friendly actions be considered intentional. Instead, these cities display varied levels of environmental awareness, and will contrast in size and location. By showing a wider… read more

Sustainable Buildings

Chengdu city prototype

Green Architecture has become the new fad in modern construction. Simply installing eco-friendly outlet plugs and energy filters isn’t enough anymore. Nowadays, expect to see solar panels, wind turbines, natural/recyclable building materials, and more coming to a neighborhood near you. One of the more well-known proponents for a natural architecture revolution is a company called Earthship Biotecture. They offer a wide range of residences, from single individual and large family size, to commercial structure and disaster management projects. Most of their developments are in rural and desert areas, but they hope to expand their reach to more populated communities soon…. read more