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5 Climate Change Myths Investors Believe


Considering purchasing new stock in an environmental company? Do you have misgivings because of a climate “fact” you may have heard? Chances are you’ve fallen prey to at least one of these 5 myths before, though you wouldn’t be the first. Hopefully this list changes your mind, or helps you make it up. 5. Isn’t Putting Climate Change “On The Radar” Good Enough? Absolutely not. Imagine if President Lincoln had simply stated, “Slavery is bad” and everyone in Congress said, “Yeah”; do you think any action would have been taken to necessitate change? Climate shift should not be viewed lightly,… read more

Green Degrees

Green Degrees

You needn’t attain a university education to begin a life devoted to the environment, nor must you be an environmentalist to enjoy the benefits of earning a degree in green courses. However, if you are in pursuit of a higher education and increased opportunity, you’d be wise to consider majors with emphasis on improving the health and sustainability of our society. Law Environmental Law concerns the relationship between human activity, especially corporate and industrial, and its effects on the environment and human health. Most who aspire to become a lawyer specializing in environmental issues get their Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental… read more

Where Girls Are Born And Trees Are Planted

Trees Planted for Girls Born

In the country of India, of all places, you probably wouldn’t imagine the locals consider changes in the environment seriously. After all, this country is known for its increasing overpopulation problem, and not so much for being forward-thinking saviors of the planet. Their cities are rife with pollution, they have little in the way of factory regulations, and many more problems than worrying about the future world they’re leaving behind for their children to inherit. And yet through all of this, one small village in the western state of Rajasthan has decided to buck tradition and give more to our… read more

Green Energy In Jeopardy

Green Energy in Jeopardy

Green energy is in jeopardy—this is not surprising or shocking, and certainly not new, but the degree to which green energy is in jeopardy is increasing, and the U.S. House of Representatives is one of the primary culprits. On September 14th, amidst the attacks on the U.S. embassies in Cairo and Benghazi, the House of Representatives passed the “No More Solyndras Act”, which aims to prevent post-2011 Department of Energy (DoE) loans to green energy firms. The act is named after the failure of Solyndra, a green energy firm which received a $535 million federal loan in 2009 and went… read more