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Building A Zero Energy House In Auckland

Building A Zero Energy House In Auckland

The Zero Energy House in Auckland, New Zealand was a project intended to provide an educational focus on the construction of a highly efficient and environmentally minded residence. The homeowners, Shay Brazier and Jo Woods, freely shared the design and development as a resource for others. The structural design was planned by A Studio Architects. The owners contributed to all elements of the production process, from research to the calculated analyzation of what materials and building strategies would work best within the budget. This included a thermal analysis of resources used and careful attention to the site during construction, such as recycling in the… read more

The Silk Leaf Replicates Science

The Silk Leaf Replicates Science

As the fall season is creeping up around some parts of the world, the eyes can turn to the changing appearances of outdoor scenery, like trees, plants and leaves. Leaves bring on a colorful autumn display, and their natural design is often replicated in art, architecture and science. Julian Melchiorri, a graduate from the Royal College of Art, has invented a fully functional synthetic leaf called the Silk Leaf. Though it is a man-made version of a leaf it operates as a natural leaf, complete with the processes of a normal plant. Made from chloroplasts that come from plant cells and fibers from silk proteins,… read more

Rethinking Wind Power

Rethinking Wind Power

The Invelox is an innovative wind energy source, envisioned by Dr. Daryoush Allaei, CEO of the SheerWind company, which may solve the dilemmas faced by traditional wind turbines, including noise nuisance and inconsistent levels of energy output. The Invelox is funnel-like in both appearance and function. Using the Invelox, outside winds are captured and funneled to create a natural increase in the wind’s speed so it can be converted into energy. Winds as low as 2 mph are captured by intake tunnels and travel through a sharp, 90-degree angle turn. At this point, the wind reaches speeds of up to… read more

Power from the Subway

Power from the subway

Many of us who use public transportation such as trains at some point or other have experienced the sudden gush of air when a train enters the tunnel. But Singularity Studio feels creative about this unused air pressure inside the tunnel and they have come up with a new tile prototype which turns this pressure into useful renewable energy. This prototype is named Transducer Tile and does an amazing job converting the pressure into power by a simple mechanism. The modest design is made up from readily available elements. A transducer tile consists of a micro wind turbine. The blade is rotated by the… read more

Swaziland Unplugs

Swaziland unplugs

Communication is a necessary element of human existence. It is arguably the most treasured ability that humans possess, so much so that there are many modes of communication and as much media. One such media is the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Many homes and business entities in and around Swaziland have been using, and still use the telephone to communicate with other persons on a daily basis. The demand for telephones continues to rise, despite the popularity of other media such as email, cellular phone and social websites. In the past, a rise in demand meant… read more

People Power, Literally

Unplugged Desk

Have you ever wondered what your workspace will look like in the future? The electronic devices at your desk may not be powered by solar energy or other technology. You may become the source of power for your workspace. The thesis project of a Swedish student Eddi Törnberg, titled “Unplugged”, is looking at how to make use of the energy generated by millions of people as they sit and work in the office. It is inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowes quote “Human nature is above all things lazy” so Tornberg has looked at how to ensure all your movements and daily activities are not going to waste,… read more

Let’s Work Together To Make A Change

Science Law and the Environment

The law and science are two separate fields, mutually independent of the other, however often there are instances when the two fields must work together for a common greater good. Preservation and promotion of the environment is one such instance when scientific and legal efforts should work in concert to achieve a positive outcome. Science explains why and how certain environmental phenomena occur, it lends insight into the scientific processes that have led to the current climate and environmental crises that we face today. More than that, science is instrumental in offering a pool of potential solutions to the problems… read more

3D Printing at Home

3D Printing

We’ve written about 3-D printers that can create a house in hours and days, though we haven’t written about 3-D printers for home use. While still in the infant stages, 3-D printing is quickly becoming a trend in the United States and around the globe. Since these devices are so versatile, just about anybody can start using them with little to no experience or training. You simply connect the printer to your computer download a few programs, insert the construction materials, and have at it. Even some middle and high schools have begun using 3-D printers in their science classes… read more

Shower and use half of the water

Hollow Water Showers

Taking the steps to reduce water usage when showering or bathing is difficult, especially for those with children or larger households. We search for ways to discipline ourselves and watch our dependency on water, but usually give up and continue on as before. The appliance market is full of “low-flow shower heads” that most of the time end up proving completely useless. Countries with strict water policies, and drought prone nations, could certainly use an alternative option to the numerous faux conservative shower nozzles circulating the retail market. Thankfully, the time of limiting ourselves is nearly over. A New Zealand… read more

Kids With A Conscience

Kids with a Conscience

While some events and negative news can leave us questioning certain aspects of humanity at times, there are young individuals who bring hope with their positive acts. Some agencies and businesses are making it a point to honor youth who are trying to make a difference. Though they may not always be featured in the daily headlines, it is refreshing to learn about children who are proactive in making their surroundings a better place. Open to U.S. children, the President’s Environmental Youth Award has been in action since 1971. This initiative partners the President with the Environmental Protection Agency to… read more