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Stay On Top Of Your Home’s Energy Use

Stay On Top Of Your Home’s Energy Use

Love green construction and want to make your own home as energy efficient as possible? Get instant feedback on existing features and how to make them more effectual with energy focused apps and tools for the home. The following are examples that can make it easier to track progress and record patterns. To check out personal greenhouse gas emissions, use the EPA’s household carbon footprint calculator to find out current emission levels, how to reduce emissions and potential savings. Free for iPhone and iPad, GreenWave Reality lets users who set up an account observe and regulate their home energy use from anywhere, and can… read more

Unusually Green: Out of The Ordinary Homes Part 1

Unusually Green: Out of The Ordinary Homes, Part 1

Learning about green home constructions and architectural elements is one thing, however seeing them as highly efficient, functioning, up and running living spaces is quite another. At Blackle Mag we are always on the lookout for designs with an eco-conscious focus, and we have come across a few lately that have caught our eye for their environmentally inclined features and noteworthy appearances. Exquisite and distinctive, the homes in this 3 part series will make you wish for a one of a kind green wonder space, too. From the creative minds of Architecture and Vision, MercuryHouseOne is a home like no… read more