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Festivals Driving Change

Festivals Raise Awareness

I was recently asked by a local university to write about festivals as a site for the development of social capital (building participation, kinship, participation and leadership within communities). As an environmentalist and aspiring sustainabilitarian, I’m particularly interested to explore the extent to which certain local and international festivals offer opportunities to raise environmental awareness and promote action for sustainability. Without delving too deeply into the associated literature, my initial thoughts are that festivals provide a lucrative context within which to position environmental education programs and social change messaging. I’m not convinced that festivals which refer to themselves as “environmental”… read more

Making Eco-Minded Music

Eco-Minded Music

A lot of aspects of living are becoming more environmentally focused. One area, though, that may not be as publicized for doing so is the music industry. An original study done in the UK found that around 540,000 tons of greenhouse gasses are released annually from the music trade. When investigating the various sectors involved in bringing music to the masses the analysis found that 43% of this was from viewer travel, 26% was caused from recording and publishing and 23% occurred as the byproduct of live shows. Along with these statistics, the Huffington Post offers 9 captions of example… read more

Austin City Limits

ACL Festival Logo

Austin is always light years ahead of the rest of Texas. The Austin City Limits festival is making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint and be as environmentally friendly as possible. The festival currently makes large numbers of trash and recycling bins available with high visibility throughout the grounds. The organizers of the festival suggest strong use of public transportation, bicycles and on foot. Shuttle buses make the round trip from downtown Austin to the main entrance of the festival all day long. Plenty of bike racks are available for those that plan to ride their bicycles to the… read more