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Unusually Green: Out Of The Ordinary Homes Part 3

Nautilus House - Part 3

The last home featured on our series of uncommon green constructions takes the prize for beautiful colors, and a unique biomimic┬ádesign. The Nautilus comes from organic architect Javier Senosiain, and this shell shaped wonder speaks for itself. Located in Naucalpan, Mexico, this home is a creative combination of art, sculpture and modern dwelling space. Molded after the shape of the nautilus shell, the layout is both futuristic and rooted in organic oceanic astonishment. The home utilizes ferrocement building methods, which is a process that includes a reinforced steel frame constructed with chicken wire. After the complex shape was formed it… read more

Exclusive Eco Retreats Most Can Only Dream About

Exclusive Eco Retreats Most Can Only Dream About

Taking some time off in new surroundings can be good for grabbing a little rest and acquiring a fresh outlook. The majority of us will probably never get to vacay in a luxury spot like one of the following, but their eco conscious designs will give your eyes a little holiday just looking at the photographs of them. Designed by Sarah Featherstone of Featherstone Associates, The Orchid House is a captivating, environmentally engineered home. It is located in the Cotswolds, England, and is reportedly one of the most costly green constructions ever on the market with a price tag in… read more