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Save money by going green

Leafy Continents

The following are some great tips and advice on how you can save the planet, save your wallet, and feel great doing it. Most are simple, some are no-brainers, and a few may cost you a bit of upfront cash, but will save you in the long-run. Create a homemade compost bin This is a quick and easy project for personal use or to teach the kids how to be eco-conservative. Say NO to disposable bags Stop using the plastic bags you normally receive from the grocery store. Purchase a recyclable bag and carry it with you. Not only won’t… read more

Endorsing Green Products

Endorsing products to be green

Consumer protection law, simply explained, is a field charged with the responsibility of protecting the general public from any form of undue exploitation by retailers and service providers. With the dawn of “going green” trends globally, the consumer is being lobbied and bombarded with campaigns to migrate to green living. These rigorous campaigns have opened opportunity for false and misleading advertising. Many consumers are heeding the call to go green. Consequently, many people concern themselves with the environmental effects of the products they purchase for domestic use. This in turn has prompted many manufacturers to endorse their products with environmental… read more

Educator Appreciation

Educator Appreciation

Teachers who work with children are in a position to encourage ecological concepts and introduce and expand upon environmental issues. By providing resources and lesson plans built around sustainable schools of thought, educators can impact children and impart lasting knowledge. Utilizing interactive lessons and lending a global eye for children to learn about the world around them, educators are helping lay the foundation for a green-minded generation. Though my fifth grade elementary school class is long over, I can still remember the section presented on conservation which was a theme throughout that year. Decades later, I can still recall putting… read more

10 Tips to a Green Home

Saving energy at home

Save Water – Turning off the taps properly, decreasing the time spent in showers and limiting your bath use are just some of the ways in which we can consume less water. Catching rain water for plants and cleaning can also save on this resource Green Products – Switching to plant based cleaning and beauty products can help the environment immensely. No harmful toxins are entering the waterways and they are better for our wellbeing Go Paperless – Transferring all your mail into electronic mail is a quick way to reduce waste in the household. Statements, newsletters and brochures can… read more

Simple Solutions…

Green initiatives at school

My son’s school has a Java Connection to raise money for middle school events.  It used to consist of foam cups, cheap donuts, throw away paper plates and napkins, bulk food service coffee…all a personal affront to me each time I accompanied my son to have breakfast and visit the school.  So I simply asked if I could donate paper cups to the middle schoolers for the Java Connection. The teacher suggested it would be better if I came in to talk about sustainability (smart teacher) so I did. I posed a couple of questions: Instead of throwing away the… read more