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Compare Cars to See which is Greener


By knowing more about the environmental impact of the next car you buy, you can get the greenest car for your money, and a new car comparison site aims to make that as easy as possible. RideNerd makes comparing two vehicles simple and quick, because users can either enter the two cars they want to compare, or they can pick from a series of rankings, such as “Plug-in cars with the best range” or “Hybrids with the best MPG” and get the info they need with a single click. “We have collected massive amounts of data, like environmental stats from… read more

Reasons For Electric Cars


Electric cars were dominant in the late 19 and 20th century until the internal combustion engine was invented and gasoline was mass produced. Due to the recent petrol price hike and the limited availability of fossil fuels, electric cars have again grabbed the attention of many. The following are some reasons why you should consider buying an electric car. Electric cars contribute to health and the environment: As they use electricity as fuel, there are zero emissions. In fact electric cars don’t even have a tailpipe. By driving an electric car you are creating a healthy and quality environment. Green charging:… read more