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Pollution Awareness Campaigns Through Art


Along similar lines of our EPA Photo Contest article, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful photographs, paintings, etc that depict a strong (and sometimes subtle) stance against pollution.   An artist depicts rising levels of smog encompassing the land. The visuals presented by this picture are pretty straightforward. We’re heading towards a future in which our children inherit a broken world. This is a picture of ash waste dumped in water ways. It’s beautiful and terrifying at the same time. This is a smartly shot photograph of a small child “putting the lid” on a nuclear reactor. Clever girl. Looking… read more

Green Art Appreciation

Recycled Art People

Though timelines suggest surges in popularity, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when turning recycling into art began. Artists have always cleverly used materials, and long before the terms Junk Art or Environmental Art ever came into play. From the most basic to the surreal, recycling takes art appreciation to a whole new level. Masterpieces Made From Junks has made a list of imaginative artists’ works. Included are provocative exhibitions by Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz, who united make up Guerra de la Paz. Working together since 1996, they have been stirring up the art world with their… read more